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November 03, 2008



Hello! I was really looking forward to sharing my little two cents about coconut oil but after reading this post, I no longer felt doing so. You've made such a wonderful post about coconuts, particularly coconut oil. Great job!

Thank you for mentioning about medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). I believe this is the key to understanding the tremendous health benefits of coconut oil. Take care.

Your Drugstore in a Bottle


Coconut oil goes hard in winter.
Dont put it in the sun to soften it too many times.
The sun turns the coconut oil rancid and so unhealthy and possibly carcinogenic.
It is healthier to avoid coconut oil and just eat coconut fat from whole fresh coconuts.
Yes often the mature coconuts are rancid and shops will often harass and refuse to refund.
Imported young coconuts might be fumigated and taste worse than those bought IN the exporting country eg Thailand.

Alina Vladimirova

Thanks for the input, DrDurian! I've never heard of anyone putting the coconut oil out in the sun, definitely not something I would personally do.

I wish I were IN Thailand to enjoy the fresh young coconuts, but being all the way in NYC I have to settle for imports. I buy mine at Raw Guru's site at and am quite happy with them.

Natural Beauty

Really Nice Blog. Good effort by webmaster.
Amazing , how useful coconut to life...Some more beauty tips i would like to share to users of this blog.
Before jumping on the bandwagon of several natural beauty treatments, it is necessary for you to understand your skin type and the changes that you wish to make for your look. Accept your unique qualities and make the most of it by using natural beauty products or even following natural beauty care tips. It is not necessary to run around searching for beauty in expensive beauty products, instead explore the "natural goodness" of ingredients from your kitchen and refrigerator.


Thanks, Natural Beauty, I agree with your comment. Knowing our skin type is crucial to choosing the right beauty regiment. I can't understand why people would spend hundreds, if not thousands, on a container of chemicals when Mother Nature has already provided us with everything we need.

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